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For more Information, please call
Bruce Isbell - (941)429-8945

Driving for FISH of North Port is a rewarding volunteer opportunity. You will meet some truly amazing and very grateful people.  Imagine that you couldn't drive anymore, who would you call? Many of our volunteer drivers are seasonal, however, our clients are here year round. Please consider helping us.

Volunteer Opportunties:  We are looking for drivers who are willing to donate a few hours a week to help a person in North Port get to a doctor's appointment, a medical procedure or just to go shopping for their groceries.  Most of our clients are senior citizens who live alone and have no other transportation alternative.  If we cannot give them a ride, they cancel their appointments. You select the day that is most convenient for you and if you're not available, simply tell the dispatcher when they call.

Volunteer drivers must have a valid drivers license and an automobile in good working condition.  If requested, we reimburse for mileage (call Bruce Isbell for more details). Drivers are also supplied with a handicap permit allowing you to park close enough for our clients with limited mobility. 

We are also looking for people who are willing to spend a couple of hours a day Sunday through Thursday every few weeks to be the Dispatcher , finding rides for the people who have called in.  You will be given a list of available drivers and their preferred days to drive.  You simply call the Answering Service or receive the list via email and start calling drivers.  The more dispatchers we have, the less frequently you would be called upon to do this.

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